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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, you have questions. That's why we want to provide you with answers to help you feel informed and confident about 1st ISO Processing.

Confidentiality – Dealing with an ISO now, is there any protection from the information 1st ISO Processing will have access to in terms of locations, volume, etc.?
Yes, we understand the concerns. We have mutual confidentialities between us and your data and customers will be protected. Relative to the website, we’re in the process of creating a new ISO website, with a new name and a new image aimed solely at supporting and helping our new ISO partners.

Web logins for ISO and customers
Yes you will receive Web Logins for your accounts. If possible, we will migrate the old logins from First Data into Morphis. This is a question still needing to be answered between First Data, 1st ISO Processing and Morphis

Bank sponsorship – process, contacts, network fees, etc.
We are currently reviewing First Data’s solutions with ASB, FD, MetaBank, and PB&T.

We have a Mobile App that will help you manage your fleet in addition to the reporting that you can manage through our portal.

Networks – Any changes in networks (including Shazam, NETS, etc.)?
1st ISO Processing will be able to give you access to Shazam, FiServ (CU24, Accel), and Pulse (AFFN, Cirrus/ MasterCard, Cirrus International, CUP, DCI, Discover, Diners, JCB, NYCE, STAR, EBT/Quest, NETS (thru Pulse reciprocal agreement), PLUS/Visa, Plus International, Pulse, and MoneyPass, as well as, CIBC for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Networks - Which networks are they gate waying through and how will that affect pass thru fees, etc.?
There will be no change in the current pass-thru fee structure.

Networks – With First Data selling this platform will our interchange with Star net of pass thru be affected?
We expect no change with Star net of pass-thru.

Settlement – Is settlement day or time going to change?
No changes at the present time, but we may be moving from 2:00 to 2:30 subject to everyone’s cutoff desires.

Connectivity – Are the 800 numbers changing for dial up?
No, the 800 numbers will not be changing.

Connectivity – IP address changes?
No change in IP addresses.

Connectivity – DPL connections to First Data, how are those impacted?
There will be no impact. We’re working with First Data to understand their current procedures. We don’t expect any changes but we’ll let you know after we better understand the current process and procedures.

BIN tables and BIN files – How are those handled? Transition? New submissions?
We are working with First Data on their current procedure to document and communicate changes to the ISO. This will be completed with the First Data migration plan.

Certification – What equipment is certified?
All equipment that is accurately represented in First Data has been certified by 1st ISO Processing.

Admin transactions – How are admin transactions handled?
It is our intent to handle them the same way First Data currently does unless both parties agree to some changes, in which case, we’ll try and facilitate.

FTP files – FTP settlement files now received from First Data to funding bank, to our software, to customers, etc. How will those be handled?
This has been identified. We don’t have the final answers, but we’ll forward as soon as we have a better answer. We currently use Dynakeys, which are identical to the Comvalope process and we’ll continue to use this. Key binding will be available through operator-assisted and voice VRU and we will be providing everyone with updated information for requesting keys.

Master keys – will the old keys still work?
ATMs will not require a physical change, but the old Comvalope Masterkeys will not work and you’ll have to get new ones. Masterkey settings on your units will continue to work.

Master keys – are their settings on the units that will or will not work Unique TDES, TDES, etc.
We support TDES protocol, an industry standard adhering to the highest security methodologies. We are confirming Unique TDES compatibility/inter-compatibility with our Switch and ATM vendors and will notify customers once confirmed and/or recommendations are received.

Relationship – who will handle our account?

  1. Sharon Bierowski is your new Business Account Representative
  2. Cora Parmentier - Manager of Customer Services
  3. David Charles - President of 1st ISO Processing

Contacts – Disputes? Tech support?
Customer Service will answer the calls. These calls could be answered by any of six people.

Reporting – Will all reports currently received be available?
1st ISO Processing is installing Morphis Software and has their full suite of products, so we expect that similar reports will be able to be generated. There are some Home Grown Reports that we are now vetting and we expect that they will continue as is.

Reporting – any change in reports?
Only the people who will be submitting the reports. 1st ISO Processing is installing Morphis Software and has their full suite of products, so we expect that similar reports will be able to be generated. We also support a mobile app that can alert you to issues such as machine out of service, low cash, out of cash, etc.

Compliance – Can we have a copy of your SAS 70 report?
We do not currently have a SAS 70 report. We do have PCI PIN, TR-39, and PCI DSS.

What are the important links I need to manage my account?
Sales & Service, FAQ, Communications, Key Binding, Mobile App Login, Morphis Login, Contact Us, About Us

General Options & Setup, Customers & Vendors, Terminals, Terminal Transactions, Custom Tasks (Reports – named exactly as they were in ATOM – First Data site), Management – User Profile (to change password)
To log in:
Username – iso100100
Password – fi100100-00 (each ISO is different)

Daily Reports – Daily Settlements - same Username & password as MAS (Morphis)

this is the website to use when you want to register for the Mobile App onilne - you can also log into the Mobile App on the main web site 1stiso.com/

Keybinding website - use your keybinding username & password - you can also use 1stiso.com/ to get to the keybinding website

1stISOdisputeresolution@1stiso.com: ISO Disputes email address. Or ISOs can FAX their disputes to: 920-321-1666

1stISOCoordinators@1stISO.com: Any questions or concerns can be sent to this email address.

What are your Customer Service Hours?
Our Customer Service department is here 7 days a week to service your needs.

Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm CST
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 4pm CST

Phone Number

About Us

1st ISO Processing is a privately owned, independent full service processor. We are one of the few companies in our industry that provides in-house transaction processing resulting in the fastest possible transactions.

Customer Service Hours

Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm CST
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 4pm CST

Phone: 800.233.3776

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Frequently Asked
  • Who will handle our account?
  • How will DPL connections to FDR be impacted?
  • Do you have mobile alerts?
  • Will I receive a web login?
  • Will new master keys be sent?

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Contact Us
Email Address:

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1st ISO Processing | 1740 Cofrin Drive | Green Bay, WI 54301 | 800.233.3776